(To) Wonder

[ 2016 ]

What happens when you visit a museum or an exhibition and you see something you just can’t stop thinking about? It feels like you have had a dialogue with the object, but you had to leave before the dialogue was over. What kind of an object was it? What do you use it for? How has it been made?

Instead of always choosing the material in the end of the process, why not start with the material and investigate its properties? By doing this, it will be possible to make unexpected findings, which might lead to new ways of making and producing. In this way, the designer will return to the role as a craftsman, a maker, instead of a person sending ideas and sketches to a production place.

In this project I have investigated rope as a material. I was interested in making objects that would create a dialogue about material and production method. By making various experiments with the rope, it has been possible to find a method where the typical characteristics of a rope are being hidden. At the same time this method gave strength to the rope and it was thereby possible to make objects.